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The Exhibitionist Podcast Episode 16 - Josh Rifkin - Flatworks Displays

May 19, 2019

Wow ... well in a week where we hit Number 1 Bestseller status on Amazon in both the Business Life and Marketing & Sales categories and it all kicked off over ''Booth Babes'' at the Business Show we're reflecting on the last 7 days in the world of Trade Shows. 



Plus in our main event we're chatting to Josh Rifkin, CEO of Flatworks Displays based in San Diego. 




In his years' of exhibiting Josh had grown weary of waiting at the end of US shows for packing cases for breakdown, and frustrated at the rising labour costs incurred while building and dismantling stands (or booths if you're on the other side of the "pond"!) especially in the States.  So he's created a simple, effective and eco-friendly stand design that could be the perfect solution for small and medium sized exhibitors across the world. 

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